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    Bartolomeu Dias lived from 1457 to 1500 and was a great Portuguese explorer and navigator who explored most of Africa's coast. in the year of 1488, Dias led the first European exploration to sail around Cape of Good Hope (in Africa), while he and his crew left for this expedition in 1487. After going to Cape of Good Hope, Europe was able to trade with Asia using trading routes.   

    On Dias's last expedition, he sailed near South America, and spotted some land at Espírito Santo in Brazil, naming it "Land of the True Cross". Even though Bartolomeu Dias thought it was an island, he was one of the first Europeans to see Brazil.   

    This was his last expedition and was lost at sea near Cape of Good Hope in 1500.


Places Bartolomeu Traveled

    Unlike most explorers, he did not travel to many different places. He traveled along a lot of the coastline of Africa to its tip (Cape of Good Hope) and was one of the first Europeans to see Brazil.



    One obstacle that got in the way of exploration for Dias was some storms near Cape of Good Hope. Also, one (we could guess) was terrible sea conditions as in the ocean created many large waves that possibly destroyed the missing ship Dias was on.