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1.)  Where did the Portuguese explore?


2.) Who was the first European to explore the New World?


3.) Why did Samuel de Champlain take 32 men to settle in Quebec?


4.) How did Robert do La Salle die?


5.) Where did  France explore?


 True or False


1.) Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese explorer.


2.) Robert de La Salle was also a conquistador.


3.) John Cabot's birth name was Giovanni Cabot.


4.) Samuel de Champlain died from a heart attack.


5.) All the explorers found a route to Asia.



Questions: 1) Africa and Brazil 2) Francisco Coronado 3) To establish a fur-trading center 4) He was killed by a group of 5 mutineers

True or False: 1) True 2) False 3) False 4) False 5) False