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Questions and Answers


Question: Why did European countries compete for power in North America?

Answer: They competed for power in North America because they wanted more land to colonize and to teach the Indians living there Christianity.

Question: What were the obstacles faced by the explorers?

Answer: All the explorers had troubles with Indians, lack of newer technology, and illnesses/sicknesses.

Question: What were the accomplishments for the explorations?

Answer: The explorations changed how the American Indians thought and accomplished colonizing settlements for their countries.

Question: What regions of North America were explored and settled by France, England, and Spain?

Answer: Spain-Northern Mexico and southern US England-East shore of the US France-Netherlands and Great Lakes (Canada). For a map, go to this link

Question: What regions were explored by Portugal?

Answer: The west coast of Africa and they also some of Brazil.

Question: How did the American Indians and Europeans interact with each other?

Answer: Europeans and the Indians acted neutral to each other. Some Indian groups made allies with the European explorers, while others did not like the Europeans and had war with each other

Question: Who were each of the explorers listed above? Who did they sail for? What discoveries did they make?

Answer: John Cabot-English-, Samuel de Champlain-French, Francisco Coronado-European, Robert de La Salle-French, and Bartolomeu Dias-Portuguese.