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Explorers Introduction


    Have you ever thought of the past of the United States of America? No, no, not all the wars, slavery, and democracy, I mean all the way before that period of time. I am talking about how America came to be by the explorations from different countries. Yeah, yeah, I know how you feel, history is boring, but wait, this subject in history will make you jump out of your socks. Exploration to this new world (America) was highly known back then to a lot of different countries. From all around the world explorers have been in search for an easy route to Asia, for religious reasons, or to explore and colonize colonies in new places.   

    Together we will teach you about multiple famous explorers who once stepped foot on the land you are standing on right now. Many of whom you may not know of, but will be taught just in a single website. These explorers include Samuel de Champlain, Francisco Coronado, Robert La Salle, John cabot, and Bartolomeu Dias. All of these explorers took a role in exploring different parts of the Americas, yet they also need to be known for that, so it will be an honor to learn about them.   

     Now are you interested in exploring the exploration of explorers from the past? I hope so because now you have just set sail searching for this wonderful land across the ocean called America. Now you are on the road becoming the new Christopher Columbus, and the one to explore the many wonders of America's history that you never knew nor heard of before, because now, you have the knowledge of our past in your very own hands.