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    Francisco Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain, 1510 to a noble family. Not only was he an explorer, but he was also a conquistador. He was the first European explorer to explore North America's southwest.   

    Coronado searched for many treasures that were rumered to exist in northern Mexico (the fabled seven Golden Cities of Cibola). He then traveled to northern Mexico and southern USA (including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas) with a gourp of hundreds of Spaniards and some enslaved Indians. On his expedition, he only found Zuñi, Hopi, and the Pueblo Indians. On his expedition, he killed many innocent American Indians.   

    Since Francisco Coronado did not accomplish his goal to find any treasures, his expedition was called a failure by the Spanish leaders.


 Where Francisco Coronado Traveled

    Francisco de Coronado traveled to Mexico and southern USA, which includes Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. He also found the Zuñi, Hopi, and the Pueblo Indians.



    Francisco faced a normal obstacle called "bad luck". Just by believing in some rumors, that caused the Spanish King and Queen to claim the expedition a failure.