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    John Cabot was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator. Cabot's real name is actually Giovanni Caboto (his birth name). King Henry VII of England requested Cabot to ail to Canada, and so he did in 1497. John Cabot was in charge of the ship called "Matthew". Although the exact spot was not clear, he landed near Labrador, Newfoundland, or Cape Breton Island on June 24, 1497.   

    John Cabot and one of his three sons, Sebastian Cabot, explored the coastline and named many of its islands and capes. But, he failed to accomplish his mission which was to find a Northwest route to Asia, though he had thought that he had already reached Asia.

    Cabot was the one to lead a larger expedition in 1498. On his trip, he may have reached America, but we are not positive. John Cabot's expeditions were the first of the British claims on Canada.    

    He sailed for Britain.


Where Cabot Sailed

    John Cabot sailed to quite a few places. He traveled the coastlines of many islands and capes, Canada, and Labrador, Mewfoundland, or Cape Breton Island. On his last expedition in 1488, John Cabot might have explored the wonders of America, but no one is that certain.   

    Then again, he also sailed from Italy and moved to England in 1495 and from there to the New World. He sailed for Britain.


Obstacles John Cabot Face

    One of the obstacles Cabot faced was going through unknown places and islands. Since he did not know the places he was exploring, he thought he had already reached Asia. One other thing that got into the way of John Cabot's exploration was the unupdated maps, which lead Cabot to an unknown place to the west (not the Asian countries).   

    John Cabot died in England in 1499.